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Radiotalk, self-selling radio on the Frise Radiomarket in Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands 2007
This is a radio which talked to the people of the Frise Radiomarkt in Beetsterzwaag, May 2007. It wanted to sell itself and tried to get a price as high as possible.
This was the table where the radio offered itself.
The Frise Radiomarket has around 100 of these tables and 1000 visitors.
Almost no one of the people who came along did talk to the radio, which really tried hard to communicate.

But a lot stood still and listened:
This is Roel Pot from OYF, usually you can listen to him at Sundays from 8 pm at 433.100 and 145.700 Mhz.

His voice was the voice of the radio

Photos: Helge Articus, Dagmar Articus geb.Kriegesmann
This work was part of "The expanding pie" in and around Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag, a project about economy in collaboration with Kunsthuis SYB and the Dutch Art Institute.